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Golden Fan is a Fanyo Foods brand. Fanyo Foods specialise in the manufacture of frozen finger foods and have done so for over 30 years. Our commitment to quality and consistency has meant that our longest and our largest customer relationship spans over 30 years.

We have developed a range of finger food under Golden Fan, for the food service market with the aim of providing the market a top quality Australian made product without the premium price.

Our finger food range includes Peking Duck Spring Rolls, Chorizo Empanada, Xiao Long Bao Dumplings and Gyoza but the most interesting development has been a range of Vegan suitable fingerfood and now Halal certified finger food.

We also manufacture dessert products like our (deep fry from frozen) Apple Pie and also our Cheesecake Pillow. Check back with us as we are constantly developing new products and extensions on our range.

Our offering should compliment your menu by giving you something different and deliver top quality products for your customers whilst freeing up time for your staff for other high yielding work.

As a 100% Australian owned business, we’re proud of all of our products and hope we are able to find a place for them on your menus.



Looking for something different? The Empanada can trace its origins back to Spain, but many cultures have these as part of their local cuisine (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Portugal).

Our Empanada are made with a beautiful short crust pastry and filled with a wonderfully rich and chunky filling which is not only tasty, but visually appealing. Top quality and locally produced Chorizo is used with the vibrant taste and colours of tomato, red and green capsicum, kidney beans and a hint of chilli help form this food service favourite.

With the appearance of a handmade product (without the price tag), your customers will love this product. We have even added a vegan variant to our range. Affordable, tasty and easy vegan fingerfood!!!!!

We have now developed some new profiles!

Chilli Con Carne Empanada

Chicken and Corn Empanada (Spicy)

Vegetarian Empanada (Vegan Suitable)

Sweet Potato Empanada (Vegan Suitable)

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Chorizo Empanada

Our Chorizo Empanada is a beautiful and rich Pork Chorizo based filling with tomato, capsicum, kidney beans and a hint of chilli, all encased in a short crust pastry. An excellent addition to a bar menu or for functions as finger food and the perfect accompaniment to an ice cold beer.

Portion: 40g
Pack: 4 x 1kg


Deep fry for best results.

Deep fry: Deep fry from frozen at 180C for 3 minutes.

Spring Rolls

Golden Fan Spring Rolls can bring some excitement to your menus. Aussies love a Spring Roll and we want to give it to them with some exciting and tasty flavour variants which are instantly appealing.

Our newest product to our range is the Cheeseburger Spring Roll!!!! A product which will definitely stand out on your blackboard specials menu or as a bar snack item, this product is sure to amaze. Each bite gives you meaty, cheesy goodness plus the freshness of pickles, onion and the tang of the American mustard and ketchup all comes together in an amazing 50g spring roll.

Invigorate your menu with ‘Peking Duck Spring Rolls’ or ‘BBQ Pork Spring Rolls’. In this day and age, we need to offer our customers something different and here’s an easy way to do it! We also now have a ‘Vegan Suitable’ offering as well as “Halal”!!

Locally made from predominantly local produce with the taste of Asia.


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Peking Duck Spring Rolls

An exciting twist on the famous Peking Duck. This spring roll variety adds rich flavours of traditional Peking, giving your kitchen something new and different to offer your customers. A premium offering designed to stand out on your menu board.

Portion: 50g
Pack: 4 x 1kg


Deep fry for best results.

Deep fry: Deep fry from frozen. 5 minutes at 180C, remove and place on absorbent towel and rest for 1 minute before serving.
Steaming: Testing Steaming Instructions
Boiling: Testing Boiling Instructions
Microwave: Testing Microwave Instructions
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BBQ Pork Spring Rolls

Another Yum Cha favourite is BBQ Pork Spring Roll. We’ve incorporated these flavours with a traditional spring roll filling for our wonderfully juicy and crispy BBQ Pork Spring Roll.

Portion: 50g
Pack: 4 x 1kg


Deep fry for best results.

Deep fry: Set oil to 180°C and cook for 4-5 minutes. Remove and place on absorbent paper and allow to rest for 1 minute before serving.
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Chicken & Vegetable Spring Rolls

A traditional Chinese Chicken and Vegetable Spring Roll using fresh chicken mince and fresh vegetables to make a wonderfully balanced spring roll.

Portion: 50g
Pack: 4 x 1kg


Deep fry for best results.

Deep fry: Set oil to 180°C and cook for 4-5 minutes. Remove and place on absorbent paper and allow to rest for 1 minute before serving.
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Vegetable Spring Roll

Our VEGAN & HALAL SUITABLE spring roll offers your customer freshly cut cabbage, carrot and also for added colour and texture water chestnut, bamboo, peas and corn. All encased by the crispiest pastry you can get on a spring roll.

Portion: 50g
Pack: 4 x 1kg


Deep fry for best results.

Deep fry: Deep fry from frozen at 180C for 5 minutes.
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Cheeseburger Spring Roll

Introducing our Cheeseburger Spring Roll!!!

It’s exactly what it says it is, essentially tastes like a macca’s Cheeseburger, but in a Spring Roll!!! It’s the perfect product to create some interest or excitement for a new menu or even as a Chef’s special. Guaranteed to get your customers talking and ideally posting on social media. When designing this product, it was the Insta-generation we had in mind and it’s working!

Fresh Ground beef, fresh onion, pickles, ketchup, American mustard and 3 types of cheese. That’s pretty much it, and the result is mind blowing!

Portion: 50g
Pack: 4 x 1kg

Deep Fry from frozen @ 180C

4 minutes


At Golden Fan, we try and save you time making products, so you can focus on adding value to your dishes and maximising your return. Our dumplings have been pre-steamed in order to fully cook the pastry and the filling reducing steaming time from 12 minutes to as low as 2 minutes. By fully cooking the filling, you also have the added peace of mind of knowing raw product can’t be served (especially for kitchens unfamiliar with dumpling preparation).

Please ask us about our Vegan Suitable Shanghai dumpling! Take the difficulty out of menu design and utilise our vegan suitable finger food. Products which have all the traditional flavours fine tuned to be VEGAN SUITABLE!!!

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Xiao Long Bao (XLB Dumplings)

These dumplings are getting more and more popular as our Aussie love for Asian cuisine. These juicy dumplings are available in:

  • Traditional Pork (XLB),
  • Shanghai Beef XLB
  • Vegetarian XLB (VEGAN SUITABLE) with shiitake mushrooms and black fungus.
Portion: 20g
Pack: 4 x 1kg



Steaming: Steam for 5 minutes or till hot through.
Boiling: Boil water, add dumplings and boil for 3 minutes or till product begins to float. Strain and serve.
Microwave: Add water to dumplings and put in bowl and cover. Heat for 2 min per 10 dumplings.
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Northern Chinese Dumplings

A crescent shaped dumpling which can be served steamed, boiled and even microwaved. Another way it can be prepared is to pan fry first, the add water to pan to create a nice crispy outer with a juicy pork filling.

Portion: 18g
Pack: 4 x 1kg


Steam/boil for best results

Deep fry: Pan fry in vegetable oil till golden brown on one side and then add water and cover pan to warm through.
Steaming: Steam dumplings for 4-5 minutes depending on steamer.
Boiling: Boil water and add dumplings. boil for 3-5 minutes or until dumplings start to float. Strain and serve.
Microwave: Wet dumpling and put in bowl and cover. Heat on high for 2 minutes per 10 dumplings.

Dessert Products

Introducing our amazing dessert options. Deep fried desserts which give the appearance of a oven made product. Our NPD department spent a lot of time developing the pastry to be deep fried but to leave no oily residue on the customer’s fingertips. Couple this with the fact that these products are designed to be deep fried from frozen, means zero waste. Not busy and the products stay in the freezer. Party of 20 arrive out of nowhere and you have an instant dessert option ready to go!

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Apple Pie


Our Apple pie has a deliciously juicy apple pie filling with a short crust pastry. To prepare, deep fry from frozen (meaning less wastage for your kitchen) and marvel at how the pastry leaves no oily residue on your fingers. A product attribute we spent a long time perfecting.

This product is also Vegan and Halal suitable!!!!

Portion: 20g
Pack: 1kg

Deep Fry from frozen 2.5 minutes at 180C

Deep fry: 180c 2.5min
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Cheesecake Pillow

A new extension on our Apple Pie concept, we have utilised the same short pastry and filled with a wonderfully smooth cheesecake filling. A wonderful twist which will give your dessert offering something special.

Dust with icing/cinnamon sugar and serve with Ice Cream and some fruit and you have an affordable dessert (with an excellent mark up).

Portion: 25g
Pack: 1kg

Deep Fry from frozen at 180C for 2.5minutes

Deep fry: Deep Fry from frozen at 180C for 2.5 minutes

Premium Curry Puff and Samosa

Golden Fan wanted to bring some excitement to what can be a commodity line, by introducing key flavours to our Curry Puff and Samosa range. The Australian market is one which appreciates and understands different flavour profiles, so why not make your menu items stand out by identifying the protein and specific flavour profile?

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Beef Rendang Curry Puff

With Australian beef and a good strong Rendang flavour, we’re sure these will be a hit on your menu. Manufactured in Australia, with no MSG, these Beef Rendang Curry Puffs are a definite crowd pleaser.

Our pastry for this product has been designed to leave next to no oil residue on your customers fingers, giving a nice clean feel to go with the traditional flavour of Beef Rendang.

Portion: 30g
Pack: 1kg bag (4 bags per carton)

Deep Fry from frozen at 180C for 3minutes

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Malaysian Chicken Curry Samosa

Our latest product offering is the Malaysian Chicken Curry Samosa. With a rich chicken curry flavour we have rounded it out with rich coconut cream (just how mum did it) and a nice little chilli kick at the end.

Perfect for functions or bar snacks, this item is sure to be a firm favourite for your customers.

Portion: 30g
Pack: 1kg

Deep Fry from frozen at 180C for 3minutes

Deep fry: Deep Fry from frozen at 180C for 3minutes
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Indian Vegetarian Samosa (VEGAN SUITABLE)

A vegan suitable samosa which actually contains filling!!!! Stuffed with potato, spinach, cauliflower, peas, onion and garam marsala, this is one everyone will love. Despite being a deep fried product, the texture of these products makes them appear to be oven baked. A perfect addition to any menu.

Serving suggestion for Vegans – use a coconut based cucumber raita as a dip. The freshness of the raita will really compliment the rich flavours of this samosa.

Portion: 30g
Pack: 4 x 1kg

Deep fry from frozen @ 180C for 3 minutes.

Hermans Fingerfood Range

These delicious products under our sister brand Hermans include Croquettes, Arancini and value-added Chicken products.

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Popular flavours including Macaroni & Cheese, Chicken and Sweet Potato croquettes.

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Popular flavours including Vegetarian, Pumpkin (vegan), Chicken & Mushroom and Bolognese.

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Chicken Chippies

High quality value added chicken products including Chicken Chippies and Chilli Chippies.



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Contract Manufacturing

Fanyo Foods contract manufacture for different brands ranging from multinational organisations and QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) customers to smaller start up businesses selling in Food service and retail sectors.

We are fully HACCP accredited and have a manufacturing plant with blast freezing, steaming, deep frying and large batch capabilities. We can also hand process work utilising our qualified team of pick packers for your more fiddly tasks.

Contact Us

23/76 Hume Highway | Lansvale | NSW | 2166

Ph – 02 9726 5344

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